Why desktop clutter is dangerous to health

Some individuals try to maintain perfect cleanliness on their desktop. Others, justifying the lack of order, call this chaos "artistic" and "creative." Is the "creative" working environment innocuous?

What is dangerous about desktop clutter?

REFERENCE! American researchers have found that monotonous activities and cluttered workplace have a bad effect on people's abilities.

A study was conducted, which involved about 5 thousand people. More than half of them are women, on average, the age of participants in the experiment is from 30 to 80 years.

Volunteers were interviewed regarding the workplace. They were tested using a test that assesses the ability to memorize and use information, concentration and logical thinking.

IMPORTANT! Employees working in an area that is not too clean have shown a tendency to decrease useful functions as compared to those working in clean conditions. Women were especially susceptible.

Scattering attention

Chaotic jumble of objects prevents the brain to process information normally. Therefore, the employee hard to concentrate.

Nerve strain and stress

With constant contemplation of the "mess" cortisol level increases. Just look at the mountain of dirty clothes or a bunch of books. It is necessary to leave the room, and the level will decrease.

"For tomorrow"

Habitual mess do not want to eliminate. This leads to procrastination, that is, to the postponement of cases for an indefinite period. Constantly there is a decision to postpone everything "for tomorrow". Decision making is slow and organization is declining.

Lack of money

Time is often lost. It is killed trying to find the necessary thing. Some people even decide that it is easier to buy a new thing than to find an old one.

The losses are obvious: if it were not for the time lost, it would be possible to study, work, build relationships with people, business and professional connections.


What is dangerous mess? In things dust mites start up. They cause allergic reactions. This can cause asthma among the inhabitants of the apartment.


REFERENCE! American communities of health experts conducted experiments that revealed the dependence of weight on the order of the house.

No matter what the reasons for the mess. Significantly, it leads to problems. Kavardak provokes stress and weight gain.

ATTENTION! Psychologists believe: eating too much, showing intemperance in food is also a mess.

Inability to live in the present

Disorder provokes negative emotions. The main goal of cleaning is the pursuit of peace and harmony.

Should I strive for the perfect order on the table?

IMPORTANT! The experts concluded that the establishment of order on the table significantly increases the efficiency of employees.

"Dump" makes you lose control of your life, lowering its quality. So, it's time to clean up the mess, making it more successful life and improve your health!

However, it should be understood that nothing is perfect. In all important respect for the sense of proportion! The "golden mean" is between total disorder and excessive tediousness.

Clean and tidy - that's great. But the pursuit of them should not be combined with the condemnation of those who do not know how to maintain order. "Chistyuli" should not proudly extol the "sluts".

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