Cheap anti-lime liquid soap

Shelves of stores selling household chemicals are literally bursting with an abundance of goods.Often promoted and popular brands are expensive and have a pungent odor. They should not be used every day, and even without gloves they quickly spoil the skin of the hands. There are plumbing cleaning methods in a more affordable way.

What contaminants can be removed with cheap liquid soap

They can effectively and simply clean surfaces such as:

  • bathroom;
  • toilet;
  • sink;
  • tile;
  • mirrors;
  • numerous shelves.

Fragile mirrors require gentle cleaning, and it is forbidden to use powders when processing plastic, because they scratch the surface.

You should be especially careful in choosing strong chemicals for mothers with young children. Pungent odors irritate the mucous membranes, and the caustic structure requires lengthy and repeated procedures to wash off the remnants of the product.

Instruction manual

Liquid soap, despite its cheapness, remarkably removes impurities, does not require effort and can cope in a short period of time.

How to clean the toilet

  1. Apply the product on the inside.
  2. Wait approximately 5-10 minutes.
  3. Wash off and walk with a brush. Wash off again.

Everything, there will be no spots, no smell.


  1. Apply the product evenly to the surface.
  2. Handle the mixer.
  3. Allow to stand for several minutes. As a rule, 5 minutes are enough.
  4. Rub with a sponge. It’s not worth it to make special efforts, the plaque departs quite quickly.
  5. Wash off and enjoy cleanliness.

Mirror surfaces

They require a special and careful attitude. Limescale and stains are removed using a normal soap solution, which is diluted "by eye".

A great way to prevent clouding and dirty mirrors in the bathroom is to rub with ammonia. The drug is sold in any pharmacy, it costs a penny, and its only drawback is the specific smell, but it quickly disappears.

Glass and plastic elements of showers are cleaned with a mixture of soap and vinegar. It is enough to apply the mixture, wait a little and rinse.

Old stains need a stronger recipe

Mix laundry soap (now it can be bought in liquid form at an affordable price) with ammonia. This is a mixture tested over the years, which removes even the most stubborn dirt and thick limescale. It is quickly applied and thoroughly washed with a sponge.

There is an excellent old recipe for cleaning cast iron: sprinkle soda over the entire surface, then thoroughly sponge and rinse. Soda destroys germs and removes dirt without damaging the cast-iron bath.

Benefits of using it

In addition to saving the family budget, cheap liquid soap has a number of undoubted advantages:

  • It can be used without thick rubber gloves, it will not corrode the skin and not damage the nails.
  • It has no harmful and sudden fumes that harm the respiratory organs.
  • Qualitatively fights with dirt.
  • It leaves behind a pleasant aroma that stays in the air for some time after cleaning.
  • Soap can be used on an ongoing basis without any concern.
  • It does not damage plumbing, tiles and mirrors due to the soft structure without abrasive particles and strong chemicals.
  • It can be easily washed off the surface without leaving stains and stains.
  • Reduces the risk of allergies.

Cheap liquid soap in the capable hands of a hostess can replace expensive means. It is ideal for allergy sufferers and mothers with young children. Saving the family budget, a folk remedy will help maintain cleanliness and orderto.

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