How to connect a webcam to a laptop

Today, when the problem of stable and fast access to the global network for most users is solved by unlimited and high-speed Internet, one of the most popular types of communication on the network is visual communication, when both interlocutors see each other. Thanks to a huge number of specialized programs, video calling has become even more affordable, and in order to see a friend living even on another continent, today only a special application and laptop with a webcam are enough. It is just about connecting the latter that will be discussed in this article.

How can I connect a webcam to a laptop?

There are several ways to visualize network communication using a laptop. Among them, the most popular are:

  • Communication through the built-in laptop "webcam"
  • Communication via a specially connected USB webcam
  • Using a smartphone camera

In order to use the “native” device of the laptop, you must use the search in the system to find an item called “Image Processing Devices”. The desired application is usually indicated by the icon of a small camera, by right-clicking on which you need to select "Engage" in the drop-down menu.

Reference! You can simply enter the word “camera” in the search bar, select “equipment and sound” in the search results, and select the method for connecting a device in the proposed menu.

In cases when it comes to Windows 10, you will also need to check the status of the camera in the privacy settings. You can get into them through the start menu by going to the “Settings” tab and selecting “Privacy”. The slider that notifies the user that the webcam is disabled must be moved to the opposite position.

Reference!Integrated cameras, unlike connected ones, usually do not require downloading and installing drivers on them, which somewhat facilitates access to their use.

However, even most connected webcams do not cause problems for the user, and the system itself selects and downloads the necessary software to them. In cases where this does not happen, the user can independently install "firewood" to the device by searching for them on the official website of the developer or on a CD, if one was included with the camera.

How to connect the phone as a web camera?

If the device does not provide for an integrated webcam in its design, and you don’t want to spend money on the purchase of a plug-in, then virtually any modern smartphone can be a worthy alternative to the first two options. Most Android smartphones are equipped with a micro-USB connector for charging. However, the USB cable in this case can also be used as a “wire” for transferring data from the phone’s camera to a laptop. In general, to conduct a “video broadcast” session via a smartphone, you will need:

  • Laptop and smartphone itself
  • Standard USB data cable
  • Special application (one of the most popular is DroidCamX)
  • Software client for Windows (available on Google Play)

After connecting the smartphone to the laptop via a cable, you must select the data transfer mode and enable the “USB debugging” function through the phone’s settings. After that, all the necessary software (the client on the laptop and the application on the phone) are launched, and the item with the USB icon is selected in the client. After that, opposite the line Video, you need to check the box and click on the Start button. If all the operations are carried out correctly, the user will see a picture displayed on the screen from the phone’s camera.

There is an even simpler option for connecting the phone to a laptop for broadcasting video. In this case, the cable will not be needed at all, and the devices will be synchronized using the wi-fi network to which they are both connected. In order to make such a connection, experienced users use the IP Webcam application, which is also available for download on Google Play.

As for the owners of smartphones from Apple, the procedure for connecting them to a laptop or any other mobile equipment for the same purposes will be similar, and only the name and type of software for them will be different. The iVCam application, also available for free on the open spaces of the AppStore store, helps users turn an ordinary iPhone into a webcam.

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