How to reset the tablet to factory settings

Sometimes you need to reset the tablet to the factory settings. There are many ways to do this. All of them will be discussed in detail in this article.

What will the reset result

Resetting the tablet operating system allows you to return to the factory settings and restore the normal operation of the gadget. It should be remembered that the operation is accompanied by certain consequences in the form of deletion of various kinds of information:

  • software installed on the gadget;
  • multimedia MMS and SMS text messages stored in memory;
  • information stored in the electronic notepad;
  • phone book data;
  • saved passwords for logging into various applications and accounts.

Important! Before you reset the OS settings, it is recommended to save all the accumulated data on a PC, flash drive or memory card. Backup will ensure the recovery of all information and comfortable use of the device in the future.

The need for such an operation may arise in the Chinese gadgets, as well as in the original devices of leading world brands.

Sometimes you just need to clear or format the device. Reset settings copes with this task.

Reset tablet to factory settings: ways

There are three main options:

  1. Soft Reset - soft reset;
  2. Hard Reset - hard reset;
  3. Factory Mode - service combinations.

The first method is performed by simultaneously pressing certain buttons on the case or through the standard menu, as a result of which an ordinary reboot occurs. The combination of buttons depends on the type of tablet.

Reference! The Soft Reset method allows you to fix minor errors. According to experts, it should start with him.

Hard reset is performed through the standard menu or the Recovery menu, called the recovery environment. Service combinations through Factory Mode allow you to remove internal memory. This method is applied after the first two samples.

Depending on the device model

The reset process for different manufacturers occurs in the same sequence, but differs by the key combination used. For hard reset, there are two basic methods:

  1. Through the standard menu when the tablet is running.
  2. Through the Recovery menu, if the device does not turn on.


Through the Settings item, successively, following the menu, go to Reset settings and Erase everything.

Simultaneously pressing the Volume, Power, Home keys to bring up the Recovery menu - go to the Erase base / Reset settings to factory settings (wipe data / factory reset) menu (confirmed by the power button, if the sensor works - with your finger) - the Delete all base command (delete all user data) - Reload (reboot system now) - within a few seconds, the gadget turns on independently.

Important! Before performing the Recovery operation, you need to check the battery charge, it must be full.


After simultaneously pressing the Volume (-) buttons, the Power appears the Samsung logo - release the Power key - the Android logo appears - release the Volume button - reset the settings through the standard menu.

The combination of the Home, Volume (+), Power buttons causes the appearance of the Samsung logo - launch the Recovery menu - release the keys - then select the menu as for Android, via the Volume key.


After pressing the Power button, a slightly noticeable vibration appears - pressing the Volume (+) key causes the Recovery menu to appear - later by the combinations described above.

Simultaneous pressing of the Volume and Power buttons causes the appearance of the Lenovo brand name - the boot menu appears - further along the template.


After pressing the Power and Volume (+) keys simultaneously, the screen turns on - release the Power button - the menu appears (release the second key) - then follow the template described.

Turn on the device in the network - the display icon is green - find the Reset button with a recess - press it with a thin wire, hold until the screen turns off - quickly press the Power button, hold for 2-3 seconds - simultaneously press the Volume (+) button until appearance of the recovery menu - then the passage of items on the template.

The sequence of combinations in other models differs slightly. You can try the methods described above.

When do you need a reset?

The operation may be necessary in cases of:

  • the inability to recover the password to log in;
  • loss of a pattern;
  • frequent malfunctions of the OS;
  • preparing the device for sale (deletion of accumulated personal information);
  • failure of the tablet due to incorrect (incorrect) settings or poor-quality update;
  • failure to display SIM cards or flash drives;
  • lack of information about the battery charge.

Resetting the OS allows you to return the stable operation of the gadget. Repeating this operation is often not worth it, it is intended for exceptional cases.

For the flawless operation of the tablet, updates and applications should be installed only with full confidence in their safety or on the recommendation of experts.

Watch the video: How To Do a Hard Reset Factory Default on Android Tablets (December 2019).


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