The tablet slows down on android what to do

Many tablet computers running the Android operating system can already greatly decrease their productivity and start to “slow down” noticeably about a year after the purchase, however, such malfunctions in the tablet’s work are far from a reason to send it to junk, because there are several ways to speed up the device’s work, which will be discussed in this article.

Why does the android tablet start to slow down?

To begin with, it’s worthwhile to understand why the device can completely start to hang and slow down. Experts identify for this only two main groups of reasons:

  • Hardware reasons
  • Systemic causes

Moreover, the latter, as practice shows, are much more widespread than the first. In order to accurately verify that the freezes were not caused by the electronic “stuffing” of the gadget, it is worth paying attention to its heating temperature. If the tablet lags after a couple of minutes have passed after turning it on, and you can feel a strong heat on the screen or on the back panel of the device, this may indicate overheating of the processor or graphics chip. In this case, there is only one solution - to bring the device to specialists from the service center.

In addition to overheating, the device may also begin to freeze if you connect inappropriate additional devices (keyboard, mouse) or due to mechanical damage. The solution to the problem in this case is the same as in the previous one.

Attention! Even if the user has minimal repair skills in the technique, you should not try to fix hardware problems yourself, as this can only aggravate the breakdown and, ultimately, result in even greater repair costs.

How can I speed up the tablet?

In order to try to restore your tablet speed to its former speed, you can take only a few measures:

  • To clean the memory yourself or using special software
  • Update the system (or vice versa, “roll back” it)
  • Reset device to default settings
  • Eliminate Viruses
  • Turn off background applications in "autorun"

Each of them has its drawbacks and advantages, so you should consider each item in more detail.

Memory cleaning

As already indicated, you can clear the internal memory of the tablet in two ways. The so-called “manual” cleaning means the user independently removes unnecessary utilities and files, however, this also has its drawbacks. For example, the user is far from always able to know which files are needed and which are not. On the other hand, in this way you can even delete files that special cleaning applications might not notice.

Attention! Deleting files with an unfamiliar extension in this way is not recommended, but it is better to turn your attention to failed photos, unnecessary audio and video files when cleaning manually.

By the way, the so-called instant messengers, which have been so common lately, behave quite “dirty” in relation to the device’s memory, sometimes even saving the files that the user watched only once, simply by going to group chat. If the user also likes to share content in several applications, then from each re-sending the file is saved in the folders of different messengers as many times as it was re-sent, without being deleted automatically even when the program itself is uninstalled.

As for cleaning memory with the help of special software, at present on the open spaces of the network you can find a huge number of programs for such purposes, both from eminent and dubious developers. Currently, CCleaner is considered one of the most popular and recognized utilities. Its functions include:

  • Application optimization
  • Clearing device memory from unnecessary junk files
  • Registry cleaning
  • Uninstall apps
  • RAM cleaning

Attention! After analyzing the gadget using this utility, you need to view the files that the program has marked as “junk”, as they may include photos, videos or audio recordings that the user needs.

Optimizing the operation of the device with this easy-to-use and easy-to-install program is a great way to increase its performance and somewhat “offload” the memory.

Is it possible to clean the tablet from dust and debris?

On the Internet there are a huge number of video instructions on how to analyze tablet computers of various models and how to clean them from debris. In order to independently carry out such a cleaning, you will need not only the necessary tools, but also the corresponding experience and skills. All parsing manipulations, if the user decides to conduct it independently, it is necessary to carry out as carefully as possible so as not to damage the fragile parts of the device.

The best solution for deep cleaning of the device from debris and dust would be professional cleaning by a specialist from a service center with replacement of thermal paste and preventive inspection of the device. This kind of prevention can not only improve the performance of the tablet, but also to identify potential malfunctions in advance and prevent them.

Operating system update

If a rather “old” tablet started to slow down, then the reason for this may be an outdated version of the operating system on which it works. In order to update the OS, you must:

  1. After going to the settings menu, select “About tablet” or “about device”
  2. In the menu that opens, select "System Update"
  3. After confirming the choice, the device will check the availability of a new version of the OS and install it if it is

Attention! In order to successfully return to the previous one in case of problems with the new version, it will not be out of place to create a backup copy of the system.

It also happens that the device starts to slow down after the update has been installed. In this case, the “rollback” of the system would be the right decision. When resetting to factory settings, there is a risk of losing all user files, however, some manufacturers provide for their preservation in case of a reset.

In order for the tablet computer (and, in particular, its OS) to last a long time, you need to install applications only from official sources. Downloading content and installing applications from third-party sources can bring a virus to the device that will impede the operation of the system, or completely reduce it to nothing.

Attention! Thanks to the so-called "open source", virtually anyone can write software for the Android OS. There is a positive and negative side to this.

The first is the abundance of a wide variety of useful programs for such OSs, and the second is an equally rich abundance of viruses that can harm the system.

In order to protect the device from virus attacks, many use anti-virus applications. The most effective utilities, as a rule, require a fee for their use, although their level of protection is quite high. Such systems most often have the likeness of a trial version, when free use is possible only for a limited period. This can be used when the system needs to be cleaned once from viruses.

If we talk about the constant protection of the device, then among the free programs that provide a decent level of protection, experts distinguish Dr.Web Light and 360 Security. When downloading such applications, the user must confirm permission to access the program to the files. After installation, the application is enough to run in full scan mode. Such a scan may take several minutes, but at the end the system will be cleaned of most viruses known to the program.

In order to further accelerate the operation of the device, it is recommended to check the list of applications that start automatically. To do this:

  • Go to the "settings" menu
  • Go to the "application"
  • Click on the item “permissions”
  • Check the list in the "startup"
  • Turn off all applications in the proposed list that do not need continuous operation

Applications turned off in this way can be started manually at any time.

Attention! The CCleaner program, described above, has similar capabilities to limit autorun applications.

A user who follows all or most of the recommendations given in this material will be able to forget what a freezing tablet is and significantly increase the speed of the device.

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