Which processor is better for a tablet

When choosing a tablet computer, you first need to pay attention to the processor. Since this is the heart of any computing device, the operation of the entire system depends on its functionality. The constantly “hanging” tablet is what awaits the owner of the device, who irresponsibly approached this choice.

What function does the processor on the tablet perform

If in ordinary PCs processors are required for only one function - reading of predefined algorithms, then in tablet computers this part has an important role. By and large, the chip in mobile devices can only partially be called a processor. It calculates algorithms in the same way as a regular PC, but also performs many tasks at the same time. In essence, these are SoC systems on a chip.

Functions and chip design:

  • graphic video accelerator. A kind of "video card" that processes the image on the display;
  • computing cores. Responsible for the performance of the device during the execution of multifunctional tasks;
  • wireless controllers. Responsible for the speed of information transmission over wireless channels;
  • modem. Responsible for Internet speed;
  • image processing controller. Required to get high-quality photos;
  • charge controllers. Required for quick recharging.

Reference! The acquisition of a gadget with a slow processor can result in both a general “freeze” of the device, and poor-quality work of the rest of the functionality. And certain functions may not exist at all. For example, no Intel Atom gadget can support fast charging.

Rating of the best processes for the tablet

Today, we can distinguish several of the best models:

  1. Mediatek MT6592. The chip has 8 cores with a frequency of 2 GHz and 4 graphic, each of which is 0.7 GHz. It is characterized as one of the most powerful among modern CPUs. Supports 3G, GPS, HDMI.
  2. NVidia Tegra4. NVidia developers made a real breakthrough, as they combined its main purpose and the functionality of the video card in the processor. Due to the integration of the graphics accelerator GeForce ULP, which is provided by 72 cores, you can play almost all video games. The processor is equipped with 4 cores with a frequency of 1.8-2.3 GHz.
  3. Apple A7 APL 5698. The processor is located iPad 4.1. The chip is based on the 64-bit ARM v8. The Power VR-G 6430 accelerator provides excellent graphics performance. This processor has only 2 cores, but it is considered quite normal for the iPad.

Which processor is the best

The Qualcomm-800 lineup is the best. It implements maximum productivity and the latest developments that provide the best quality, performance and - most importantly for many users - a way of processing photos.

Photos on tablets equipped with these chips are actually of high quality. The lineup includes 4-core SoC processors with 4 clusters. Therefore, any computing module has the ability to work autonomously. This is important, for example, while working with simple programs - the chip does not overheat and a minimal amount of energy is spent.

All cores in the QS 800 with the same frequency. In modern models, there is a technology of 2 threaded computations per core. Integrated graphics accelerators Adreno have support for virtual reality.

Do not forget that during the purchase of any tablet on Android, whether it be a gadget for games or for browsing the web, you do not always need to focus on digital characteristics. It is necessary to decide what this device is for, and only then begin to delve into the technical specifications.

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