What is the difference between a scanner and a printer

When looking at the pace of development of digital technologies, it is not difficult to imagine the near future, when the exchange of information completely goes into electronic format. But before that, there is still more to come. Now smart technology is adjacent to classic paper media, which periodically has to be digitized or printed on familiar sheets. And a printer with a scanner is called upon to perform these tasks - helpers who, thanks to the Xerox and MFP, are sometimes mistakenly perceived as one and the same. So, what is the difference between the 2in1 printer and the MFP ??

Scanner and Printer Tasks

Scanner - A device designed to recognize paper documents and create electronic copies of them. If we consider the most common tablet model, then its working surface consists of two parts: a glass, behind which there is a document recognition mechanism (can be compared with a camera), and a cover that provides a stable position of the sheet at the time of creating the copy. The electronic filling of the scanner is focused on translating the received image into a computer-friendly code.

Printer - A device designed to create paper copies of electronic documents. The overall dimensions of this technique are related to the need to place in the case:

  • mechanism for applying data to sheets;
  • dye storage and supply system (cartridges);
  • paper line

Reference! Electronic filling is focused on the recognition of computer code and its conversion into commands that are understandable to the printing mechanism.

Combined Versions and Analogs

Since a printer with a scanner is a highly specialized and far from compact technology, caring manufacturers have created for the convenience of users a combined 2-in-1 hybrid, a device that combines the working bodies of both predecessors in one housing. This device is capable of both creating electronic copies of paper documents and duplicating text and graphic files on sheets.

A close relative of such a hybrid is mistakenly considered a copier. But although the latter also knows how to print, there is a significant difference between them: a copy machine is designed to transfer information from paper to paper. Roughly speaking, he takes a picture and immediately reproduces it, bypassing the process of creating an electronic copy, characteristic of a printer combined with a scanner.

But if you combine this couple, you get an MFP - a 3-in-1 multifunction device (copier + scanner + printer). Office models of such equipment can be made in the “4 in 1” format - the fax option is also added to the above trinity.

Is it profitable to buy 2in1?

The 2-in-1 hybrid has several solid advantages:

  • increasing the speed of sequential scanning and printing of paper documents;
  • a price that is less than the total cost of two individual devices;
  • compactness - the dimensions are slightly higher than those of a simple printer.

But highly specialized technology provides higher quality scanning or printing. Therefore, before evaluating the benefits, you should determine the requirements for the copies. If mediocre resolution and color reproduction prove to be an acceptable payment for the merits of the hybrid, and you have to scan and print regularly, then acquiring a 2-in-1 model will be the best option. But when quality comes first, it’s best not to.

Watch the video: Scanning vs Printing (December 2019).


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