The wireless keyboard does not work

Currently, a wide variety of wireless devices are gaining popularity - keyboards, headphones or computer mice. The advantages of using such accessories are not only the absence of wires, which allows the user to be more mobile, but also a fairly simple connection process and readiness for operation immediately. But what if the wireless keyboard suddenly stopped working? Why could this happen and can a regular user correct the situation at home? You will learn about all this in this article.

Why the wireless keyboard does not work on my computer

The causes of the malfunction can be very many. It is important to correctly determine the one that you had to face, because the further sequence of actions aimed at bringing the keyboard back into operation depends on it.

First of all, carefully examine all possible problems, and then diagnose both the computer and the keyboard.

Low battery

The simplest reason may be that your device’s battery is low. Unlike smartphones or laptops with a display, the keyboard is hard to understand if it is discharged or not.

IMPORTANT! Some models have a special display system with which the user can notice in time that the device needs to be charged or the batteries in it changed.

If you are sure that the device could not be discharged, because the batteries were changed recently, you should look for the root of the problem in something else.

Wireless malfunction

In some cases, the connection established between the two devices using the Bluetooth function may be interrupted. Different models can significantly differ from each other in the connection method, so carefully read the instructions before starting work. You may need a special adapter, and another keyboard connects with a simple click of the Bluetooth button. In addition, on the computer, you must click the “Pairing” button, and also enter the universal code for wireless devices - 0000. If you didn’t do this, perhaps the keyboard simply did not connect to the computer.

Driver failure

Perhaps you should look for a problem in the computer itself - for the keyboard to work, special drivers are required.

If you do not update them in time, then the drivers will become obsolete and will not be able to support wireless devices. Before you begin, you must insert a special drive and install all the available files. Typically, the disk comes with a keyboard.

If you lost it or the disk crashed, you should not worry - drivers can be downloaded on the manufacturer’s official website.

Signal problem

Sometimes a signal simply disappears from time to time. This may be due to the presence of “silencers” near objects - objects that slow down the signal.

Routers, other wireless devices, connected Bluetooth on a smartphone or TV, and some other factors can mute the connection. To avoid this, clean the surface around the keyboard and computer of all such objects and turn off the Bluetooth function on all other devices nearby.

Bluetooth module

A module connected to a computer to establish a connection may be accidentally removed from the slot or not connected at all. In some cases, also users who have no idea what the module is called and what it is for, disable it directly in the system, which leads to a halt.

Liquid spillage

Any liquid, whether it is water, tea, or juice, will cause keyboard errors. In this case, internal contacts and a loop inside the device get wet.

It will be quite difficult to make repairs yourself, especially if there are serious damage inside. But first, just try to dry the device, leaving it in a dry place for about a day.

Keyboard breakage

The most non-optimistic option will be the fact that the accessory just finally broke. This follows from the fact that the elimination of all previous problems did not bring any result.

In this case, you just need to leave the device alone and purchase a new, possibly more advanced model.

What to do if the wireless keyboard does not work

If your keyboard does not work, simply inspect both devices carefully for some of the problems described above. Very often they are solved quite simply - just change the batteries, load drivers or remove a few items from the table around.

In addition, reconnect the device, insert the module again and establish a connection. In half the cases after that, all existing problems are eliminated. If nothing helps, then try taking the keyboard to a service center or just buy a new one.

Now you know why the wireless Bluetooth keyboard may not work, as well as what to do in this case. When the problem is fixed, you can again start using this very convenient device, which allows you to place the control panel where it will be most comfortable.

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