How to check the laptop keyboard for performance

The keyboard is an integral part of any computer including a laptop. Proper operation of this device ensures the performance of the entire PC, because with the disruption of the functioning of the keys, many options on computers become inaccessible. Although, you can turn on the on-screen keyboard and control the PC with the mouse, but this is not very convenient, and complicates the work with the computer.

Laptop keyboard test

If this device on a regular computer does not meet the necessary requirements, then it can be easily replaced with another one, since the connection and setup process is very simple. It is enough to connect a new device to the USB connector, and the system will install the necessary drivers, and the keyboard will immediately be ready for use. With a laptop, everything is not so simple, because the keys there are built into the case, and the replacement process is akin to repair of average complexity.

There are faults of various kinds, and for some of them it is not necessary to disassemble the design of the laptop. In order to choose a suitable repair, it is necessary to diagnose the problem itself. There are several reasons why the keyboard does not work.

  • Software crash. If nothing happens when you press the keys, or the reaction does not match the button press, the problem may be that the settings fail. In order to check or eliminate this fault you need to go in BIOS.If the system BIOS, you can control the keyboard, then the problem is a software failure of the operating system.

ATTENTION. To enter BIOS, during boot, when the "Press DEL to enter SETUP" line appears, press the DEL key. Alternatively, press F1-3 or F10-12. Also on some models in the BIOS there is an Esc button.

  • Problems with the train. Typically, such a malfunction occurs with prolonged use or severe physical damage. In order to check the integrity of the loop, you have to disassemble the laptop.

ATTENTION. After the device is disassembled, it is not subject to warranty repair. Warranty service can be useful if the violation of the integrity of the loop is a factory defect.

  • Driver or software malfunction. There is a separate driver for each connected device. If for some reason it cannot function, the normal operation of the device is hampered. Usually, problems with software occur when an unsuccessful update attempt, or when installing them manually. To check the performance of the drivers enough to go to the BIOS. If the arrows in this system work normally, then the problem is in the software. Also an alternative way to check will be to boot Windows in safe mode. If in this mode, the keyboard is working normally, then the problem is in the software or drivers. To fix this problem, it’s enough to manually download the latest software versions from the official site of the device manufacturer.
  • Contact malfunction.Usually this problem occurs due to external influence. Contact malfunctions can be caused by spilled fluid or physical damage. Usually, the malfunction of the contacting surfaces is reflected in the poor performance of some keys. To check the correct functioning of the buttons, you can use special services to test the keyboard.

Programs for checking laptop keyboard

In order to test the buttons on the laptop for performance, there are many different programs. The most popular of them: KeyboardTest.

This utility allows you to test the functionality of not only the keys, but also the indicators on the keyboard. The program has a list of the most popular devices, as well as a designer, in order for the user to be able to assemble his device close to the existing model.Also, KeyboardTest allows you to test a computer mouse, testing it for the sensor speed, the accuracy of the coordinates and the response speed of the buttons.

Online services for testing keyboard performance

Among the online services should highlight Key-Test. This service allows you to check all the main buttons. For correct work it is better to use the English layout.

The check is a virtual keyboard displayed on the screen on which the key pressed is highlighted. If it works properly, it is marked in white, if there is any malfunction in red.

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