Why the wireless mouse does not work

If your mouse suddenly broke, do not worry! Consider what you can do to fix it yourself. There may be 2 options for failure:

  1. Hardware The mouse does not charge or connect.
  2. Software. The problem is with the operating system settings. The product will not function.

The action algorithm for troubleshooting can be easily found on the Internet: to do this, briefly describe your problem, think about what, in your opinion, affects its performance.

If you turn the mouse over and see that the LED is off, you can say with confidence that it is broken and it is not at all the operating system. Lack of connection when using the USB cable also indicates mechanical damage. If the malfunctions are programmatic in nature, the only way to revive your mouse is to install a new program.

Why the wireless mouse does not work, but it glows

If you turned on the computer, and the product refuses to function, you need to find out the cause of its malfunction. You turned it over, looked, the LED is on: the whole thing may be in the software. For starters, you can try restarting the computer.

Did the problem go away? We act in a different way.

  1. Download new drivers that are suitable specifically for your model. They can be found on the developer's website.
  2. If the batteries run out, this situation may also occur. In this case, they should be replaced and, possibly, everything will work out.
  3. Dust and dirt also affect the device, do not forget to wipe in time, clean it from dirt.
  4. Have you tried all the methods, but nothing helped? Then you still have to take it to a service center, for a more detailed study of the causes of failure.

Why does the wireless mouse not respond to movement

Be sure to check if the Bluetooth adapter is turned on (it is it that sends the signal, which is necessary for the device). If the icon shows that everything works, but the mouse still does not respond, you need to reinstall the driver. Check your computer for viruses, they can also block programs. The Windows Troubleshooting Wizard will find problems and help you deal with them yourself.

A dead battery is a common cause of failure. It is worth remembering that even a new battery can affect the operation of your device, you should check it on any other. Open the back cover and check if the battery is oxidized. We saw a white coating, you can safely change the old mouse to a new one. During oxidation, damage to the contacts occurs, such a device cannot be restored.

Failure of the computer may affect the mouse, restart it. Synchronize the mouse with the receiver. Before starting, remove all other wireless devices.

Press the button on the receiver and wait for the indicator to start flashing. If you see a dialog box appear, simply follow the instructions. The green light came on, which means that the synchronization was successful.

Many simply forget to switch the On / Off button. Turn your mouse over and be sure to move the button to the on position.

The reason why the mouse does not work may be hiding in the contamination of the lens. It is very simple to eliminate pollution: we wipe the bottom surface with a dry cloth, purge the lens with dry air, remove dirt.

Did all the tips above not help? Then you have to replace the mouse.

Why the computer does not see the wireless mouse

A computer malfunction may cause the device to stop working. Rebooting did not help, we check a couple more points to find out the reason why the computer does not see the mouse. Try installing the drivers that come with the kit.

If there were none, you can download it from the manufacturer’s website, everything is in the public domain, and it will be easy to find them. Check the operation of the USB device. If everything is fine with him, we check the work of the mouse itself. It is out of order, which means it will have to purchase a new one. If the problem is in the software, you need to diagnose and fix all the problems that have arisen.

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