Which earphone is right and which is left

Sometimes it is necessary to determine which headphone is left and which is right. But for people who don’t know, it’s not an easy task to understand where is which earphone. There are several ways to verify this.


On the headphones put lettering and color designations. These are the English capital letters L and R. Colors: right - red, left - blue or green.

R - Right - the right ear. Red.

L - Left is the left ear. Blue or green.

Attention! If the letters are not striking, then the headphones must be examined from all sides. Different brands place labeling in different places, sometimes inside.

How to determine if there are no labels

If there are no labels on the device, then there are several more ways to determine.


  1. To the touch. There is a convex plastic dot on the outside of the left earphone. Sometimes there are three of them. There are no points on the second.
  2. Wire length. The left wire is usually longer.
  3. microphone (if any). The built-in microphone should be in front. If the headset is not worn correctly, the microphone will be in the back.
  4. Convenience. The device is the same only in appearance. If you carefully consider, they are asymmetric - slightly bent in different directions. Incorrectly inserted, cause discomfort and inconvenience in the ear, fall out.
  5. Sound. If at random you put on unmarked headphones, turn on the sound, and then turn off the power, then the earphone in which the sound first disappeared is right. Cut rock - the bass will sound on the left. You can try to listen to well-known music. If the sound is strange - most likely, the headset is confused.
  6. Check wire connection. It is easy to mix cables, because the connectors are the same. The wire and earphone are marked with the same color: right - red, left - green or blue. If there are no labels, then you can try just switching the wires.

Using pc and internet

  1. Video clip. Find on the Internet the video “Definition of the left and right earphones”. If while viewing the inscription on the screen and the words in the corresponding ear match, then everything is worn correctly. Sometimes it turns out that the contacts are incorrectly connected or soldered, or the audio playback settings in the device are knocked down.
  2. Audio tests online to test the "right-left."
  3. The RealSpace 3D Audio Demo program is not only for testing channels, but also for positioning sound in three-dimensional space.
  4. The correctness of the channels is easy to check via Skype.
  5. You can connect to a PC and test the headset using the OS, find the “volume” icon on the screen in the lower right and right-click. Select “playback devices”, select the item marked with a green checkmark from the list. Then “configure speakers” and in the settings click “stereo mode” and check the channels.
  6. WinMap music player. If the WinMap audio player is saved on the PC, you need to start it. The interface allows you to switch channels with the slider. Moving it to the right or left, we change the direction of the sound. If it goes from the wrong side, then the channels are mixed up.

Why is it important to wear headphones correctly (left and right)

Stereo sound is not a repetition of one sound in both ears, but two different channels, so the sound seems voluminous. When listening to music, for example, ambient, in which fancy effects are embedded, the difference is noticeable if the headphones are mixed up.

In movies and video games, sounds from the left half of the screen fall into the left ear, and from the right into the right. There is disorientation if the rumble is heard not from where the explosion occurred on the screen, and the impression of special effects is lost.

Reference! In games, it is very important to focus on the sounds. The result of the gameplay will disappoint if the enemy is on the right, but you can hear it on the left.

Useful advice: if there is no marking, it has been erased, or just too lazy to think for a long time where which earpiece will help a simple life hack: buy replaceable earplugs (ear pads) of a different color and replace one. For example, the right one will remain white, and the left one will be black. It's hard to mix up.

Watch the video: #Stereo: Left and Right Stereo Sound Test (December 2019).


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