Light laminate in the interior

Laminate is a very common type of coating. Since it does not consist entirely of wood, it is possible to make almost any color of it. Dark brown colors of various shades stylized as natural wood are very common. Light brown is also not inferior. Less common, but still used, is a light laminate in the interior. What is the reason for this and how to use such shades? This is today's talk.

Features of light laminate

Before you start working with light tones, you need to understand its features. First of all, it is worth highlighting the color. Usually they try to make a laminate under imitation of a tree, therefore all shades of brown are so popular. But light colors, such as: gray, beige, milky, white are a little apart from this ideal. However, it has many of its advantages, thanks to which it has gained popularity among a certain circle of masters and amateurs.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, it’s worth mentioning which models we are considering. These colors are beige, milky, white, gray and light brown. Some consumers call this concept only gray and white, but the shades listed by us also have common characteristics with the main colors.

On a note! Contrary to popular belief, scratches on a light laminate are less visible.

So, the advantages include:

  • Unusual appearance. We are all used to the fact that the floor is made under a tree, however, these models will bring an unusual atmosphere.
  • Markiness. In fact, such a surface is able to hide minor damage, which is especially useful for families with children or animals. Also, dust is not very visible on such a coating.
  • Visual increase in space. The dark floor will make the room smaller, and the light will give a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Adding light. With the help of a bleached laminate, it will be possible to create an impression of fullness with light, which makes the whole interior clearer.

As you can see, the considered models have many advantages. But the flaws are also found. These include the following:

  • Unnaturalness. In some cases, the white and gray laminate looks unnatural, that is, it is not an imitation of a real tree. For example, white or gray.
  • Difficulty in creating harmony. For a dark floor, it is easier to choose skirting boards and doors, as well as the color of walls, curtains and ceilings, because the color of natural wood is compatible with almost everything. And for light shades, you need to carefully approach the choice of elements that are close to the floor.
  • Cold. Most light shades refer to cold tones, while brown to warm. Accordingly, with such a laminate, you will create the basis for a cold interior.
  • Contamination. Despite the fact that scratches and fingers are less visible on such a laminate, dirt on it appears instantly.

However, these shortcomings cannot be considered completely flaws. This is a subjective assessment, and here are the disadvantages that may cause customer dissatisfaction. But they are more a matter of taste than real flaws.

What rooms to use

Is a light laminate suitable for all rooms? The answer depends on the available characteristics of the material, as well as on how to care for it.

On a note! In the kitchen, it is better not to use a light laminate.

In general, such models can be laid in any room, if you properly care for the floor. However, in some parts of the apartment it is still better to refuse it. The risk zone includes:

  • Kitchen. There is an increased level of pollution. Water may drip onto the floor periodically or small debris may fall. Especially if the hostess does not sweep and does not wash the floor every day, then it is better to refuse a light laminate in the kitchen.
  • Children’s. Children often love to paint on the walls and floor. And if on the dark laminate the unfinished marks from the marker are not very visible, then on the light they will become very noticeable.
  • Hallway In general, you can pick up a light model for the hallway, but in a place where shoes are constantly placed, it is better to lay darker boards.
  • Bathroom. In the bathroom, you can’t even lay a laminate, as this room has high humidity.

So, a light laminate is better suited for the bedroom and living room. But with proper care, it can be used in the kitchen, in the hallway, and in the nursery.

What styles is light laminate suitable for?

Light laminate can already be considered universal. It fits many styles, learning to imitate even marble. But best of all, he will take root in the following.

  • Minimalism. White and gray with a slightly pronounced pattern are suitable here.
  • High tech. Cold tones are what you need for hi-tech. They will support the metallic sheen and gloss of the rest of the interior.
  • Provence. Being a rustic style, he absorbed the warmth and tenderness transmitted by generations. Therefore, beige, milk and light brown are perfect here. Given that the basis of this style is beige, the laminate is selected suitable.
  • Scandinavian. Speaking of light colors, choose white and gray. They best emphasize the coldness of style. Light brown tones will look faceless and inappropriate. For the Scandinavian style, you need either a very light floor, close to white, to create an almost monophonic base, diluting it with bright details. Or create contrast by making the floor as dark as possible.

This option is not suitable unless for classics and baroque, where you need a naturally dark wood, which will create a luxurious look.

But its versatility is amazing. It is suitable even for Gothic. If you choose a laminate that imitates marble or concrete, then it can be applied to the Roman style, and even to Gothic.

How to use a light laminate in the interior

The main task is to choose the color and type of styling. First, decide on the style of the room. This will help determine the color scheme. Among the options are the following:

  • oak;
  • alder;
  • bleached oak;
  • coconut;
  • Gray;
  • white.

The most common color is bleached oak. It is neutral, masking scratches, dust and even fine dirt well. As a type of installation, it is better to choose a deck. This is the most convenient and economical option. And for light tones that are not imitations of natural wood, this option is good for aesthetic reasons.

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