Checking the headphones for sound quality

Headphones are one of the most important accessories that are purchased for use with a computer, TV or smartphone. With their help, you can not only listen to music without distracting others, but also watch movies or any other media files where there is any kind of audio track. 

They are very different - from large professional devices to a small headset that comes with most modern phones. Connecting them to any household appliance is quite simple, so even a person who has never had business with equipment before will cope with the task. But what to do if the headphones are already connected and you need to check their performance? There are several different ways at once, which you will learn more about in this article.

How to check headphones for sound quality

First you need to understand that there are a huge number of ways to check the sound quality in headphones, but each of them is designed for its purpose.

In addition, all this diverse set can be divided into two groups: online tests, when you just need to go to the site, run the test and start checking. Another method involves the need to download some programs and applications to your computer. Such a check will be more objective and complete, not only because it can be more narrowly focused than the others, but also because in this case possible distortions in the browser, on the site, interruptions in the Internet connection and so on are excluded.

With the help of high-quality files, you can check not just the performance of one of the two speakers or headphones in general, but also find out a large number of characteristics of your device, the quality of certain parameters.

Headphone Audio Test

The first option is a universal test that can be easily found on YouTube. This is a video that allows you to determine the frequency of the headphones, positioning from different sides and some other indicators.

This is a great way to determine the integrity of the manufacturer - read what frequency is stated in the technical specifications and check the low and high frequencies using a test.

IMPORTANT! Please note that the human ear can pick up frequencies only in the range of 20-20000 Hz - these are our maximum capabilities. Therefore, do not fall for the promises of sellers about higher frequencies - there will be no sense from this, you will not hear them.

This method is suitable for any type of headphone, which makes it universal.

Another test is designed to test one of the speakers. It happens that the sound seems more quiet and dull and there is a suspicion that one speaker completely ceased to fulfill its functions. The most popular in this category are two videos at once. In the first of them, at each time, a knock sounds at each of the headphones, similar to how to knock on a door. If the speaker does not work at all, and not just began to produce a quieter sound, you will immediately notice it.

In another case, the speakers receive sounds of any frequency, which also allows you to determine the performance of each headphone. This method is suitable exclusively for this task - all other parameters cannot be determined in this way. Therefore, consider a few more verification options that you can use.

The easiest way would be to check with a music track - this could be a new song from your favorite artist or any other song found on the Internet. The main thing is that she be in high quality. Find the file in the desired format - let it be a professional recording.

You can check the quality only very approximately, but on the other hand, if you plan to listen to music with the help of an accessory, then such a subjective assessment will allow you to understand whether the sound suits you. And also in this way you can simply check if the device is working.

IMPORTANT! When downloading any files for testing, make sure that the player through which they will be played is also quite high quality. After all, the signal source also plays a huge role - if it compresses the sound, deforms it, then you should not expect a good result.

Besides, there are several programs at oncethat can be downloaded to a computer. Through them, verification will be more ambitious and accurate.

For example, RightMark Audio Analyzer - This is a program for professional testing, which, however, is suitable for the average user. However, it can be difficult for a beginner to understand.

RealSpace 3D Audio Demo - Another program that can be downloaded from the official site.

Some differences are the testing of wireless headphones. These are not significant nuances, but they are nonetheless important. For example, it is important that the bluetooth with which the accessory is connected is updated to the latest version. To do this, you need to download the necessary drivers from the website of the manufacturer of your laptop or computer.

In addition, if you check through the cable, then it is likely that you will enjoy the sound thus obtained more. This is not surprising - with all its advantages, wireless devices are still slightly inferior in quality to those used in conjunction with the wire.

Now you know how you can learn and check the most diverse characteristics of your headphones. This will not require special equipment, any knowledge and skills, as well as experience in such procedures - any user can download several files or open some sites to conduct online diagnostics.

Thus, you will learn not only about the operability of the accessory, but also the level of its frequency, bass quality, sound depth and much more. And you can just find a high-quality recording of your favorite song and understand whether you like new headphones or not!

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