Engineering or parquet board: which is better

Asking the question of future repairs in their living room, consumers are very concerned about the choice of flooring. Based on the huge assortment and reasonable cost, customers are increasingly choosing an engineering and parquet board. It remains only to choose between them, because outwardly they are very similar and have other similarities. But still differ in operational and technical parameters. Consider the design features of both options and reveal their pros and cons.

The advantages of using an engineering board

An engineering board is a structure consisting of two or three layers, based on moisture-proof plywood. The following advantages can be distinguished for this type of flooring:

  • The method of gluing layers, placing the wood fibers in different directions, allows to achieve geometric stability during installation. And also, makes it less prone to splitting and negative reaction to temperature changes and humidity;
  • When glued to the floor with elastic parquet adhesive, the floors acquire the property of an acoustic insulator;
  • There are no visual differences from an array board;
  • It lends itself to repeated hitching;
  • A variety of models that allow you to stack it with various configurations (Christmas tree, French tree, square, complement with decorative inserts).

Positive features of the use of flooring

Parquet board is a product consisting of three layers, with fibers located perpendicular to each other. But the front layer of the coating is made of valuable wood. She has the following positive qualities:

  • Due to the location of the fibers, it has high resistance to loads and does not require gluing to the floor, which significantly reduces the cost of installation of the coating;
  • It can be assembled and disassembled several times, for example, when moving;
  • In the manufacture of less adhesive is used, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

Which material is better

Both options have a beautiful appearance and are environmentally friendly. But in terms of durability and service life, the engineering version looks preferable. But the parquet is easier to lay on the floor, but due to natural wood, it has less wear resistance. The choice is yours!

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