How to choose a carpet

The carpet is a floor covering, which is characterized by excellent functional characteristics and creates an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. The main difference between the product and the carpet is that it is a rolled material and its flooring takes place completely throughout the room.

The fibrous cover can be natural or artificial. In the manufacture of artificial canvas, mineral, plant and synthetic materials are used. Fibers made from natural materials are of animal or vegetable origin. The most durable and durable synthetic coatings are considered.

The carpet can have a different type of pile - whole, looped, cut or combined. The fibrous cover varies in height - long, dense, high, single-level and multi-level.

One-level pile is called whole loop of the same length. Compact coatings create various effects. A carpet with such a pile has high strength, excellent appearance, but its quality depends on the length and density of the pile.

The multilevel pile height allows for a three-dimensional drawing. Such a coating gives the room an unusual appearance. Such a fibrous cover at the same time may contain cut, solid, as well as multi-colored loops.

REFERENCE! Imitation wool carpet is the most expensive type of pile. The threads tightly twist, then the top is cut in the form of a cone, which gives the villus a pencil shape.

To increase demand, manufacturers are trying to expand their range, giving the structure of the carpet an original look by treating the pile with the help of haircuts, combing and opening loops. Modern manufacturing technology allows you to create unique products that were previously made by hand. Prints a variety of patterns on the surface, which improves the performance of the coating.

The positive and negative qualities of the flooring largely depend on the type of fiber used.. A canvas made of natural material has poor moisture resistance and durability. The advantages of wool products include high fire properties, as well as elasticity and strength. They are characterized by low thermal conductivity. But such a coating is unstable to pollution, a high likelihood of mold formation, moth damage. In this case, a wool carpet accumulates static electricity.

The color range of products made of wool is limited to calm shades due to the difficulties encountered during dyeing, which cannot be said about products made of synthetic fibers. To eliminate a number of negative characteristics helps treatment with antistatic, anti-molar and dirt-repellent compounds. To increase the wear resistance of natural coatings, a combined method of manufacturing fibers is used.

A carpet made of synthetic materials does not require special care, is durable and resistant to wear. Long-term operation does not lead to deformation of the coating; it is easily cleaned of contamination. Quality directly depends on the base material. In most cases, rubber, jute or artificial felt is used for the base.

What criteria to consider when choosing a carpet for the home

When choosing a carpet, the focus is on the type of material used. A coating made using woolen or plant materials is most suitable for a house or apartment. Such material does not fade, and is also the most environmentally friendly. Of course, the price of such flooring is higher.

From inexpensive options it is better to prefer an acrylic carpet. It is not electrified, and in appearance it resembles a canvas made of natural materials. Its disadvantages: short life, low moisture resistance, as well as difficulties with cleaning.

Polypropylene coating has good heat resistance, it is easy to care for. In this version of the carpet there is practically no protection against moisture, and there are also traces of external exposure.

As a rule, a carpet with good ductility, resilience and antistatic will most likely lack moisture resistance. High wear resistance, easy cleaning while maintaining the original appearance is characteristic of polyamide material.

How to choose a carpet for an apartment, depending on its purpose

Given the operational characteristics, for each room in the apartment you need to select a certain type of carpet. The most careful consideration is the choice of flooring for a child’s room. The main characteristics of coverage for a child’s room:

  • the pile should be soft, but at the same time strong - such a cover will reduce injury during games;
  • good thermal conductivity - this will exclude hypothermia;
  • hypoallergenicity - this requirement is very difficult to fulfill, because the child may be allergic to both artificial and natural material;
  • ease of cleaning - cleaning should be carried out without the use of chemicals;
  • the drawing should have an aesthetically attractive look.

For bedrooms, it is recommended to purchase dense types of coverings that have good resistance to ultraviolet radiation. It is in the bedroom that a third of life is spent (during sleep), and a calm color scheme will increase the quality of sleep / relaxation.

In the hallway, it is recommended to purchase a carpet with a short pile and a base made of felt or rubberized material. Such requirements are due to increased traffic and pollution, which are characteristic of this room.

When designing a living room, special attention should be paid to the choice of flooring, since here households spend the most time. The carpet for this room should be distinguished by excellent resistance to wear, durability, and also comply with the design of the overall style of the interior.

REFERENCE! As a rule, coatings with a long pile are used to design a room in a classic style, and with a short one - for modern directions in design.

When choosing a flooring, you should focus not only on the recommendations of specialists, but also take into account your own preferences.

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