How to choose a carpet in the hallway

The entrance hall is no less important place in the house than the kitchen or living room. It is she who “meets” the guests and creates the first impression of the house. The corridor, like other rooms, is decorated with small details that help complement the overall style of the interior. These include the carpet, performing not only decorative, but also a protective function. Therefore, when choosing it, it is necessary to take into account several important points.

What should be the carpet for the corridor

The floor covering located in the corridor performs several functions at once. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria:

  1. Protective qualities. The carpet prevents further penetration of dirt from the street into the interior of the house. It is recommended to choose products that have a special rubberized coating. It protects the floor from pollution, and the mat itself from premature wear.
  2. The style of design. Coverage should be selected in full accordance with the general design idea.
  3. The size. Small rugs protect against dirt, moisture and sand. Long products that occupy the entire area of ​​the corridor help eliminate dirt and dust.

REFERENCE!On the market you can also find products in the form of animal figures, footprints, and other unusual elements.

Types of Carpets

Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of floor mats. They have their pros and cons, have a different structure and characteristics.


  1. Carpet paths. Made from synthetic and natural materials. They are distinguished by a large length and bright ornament. The main advantages are the ability to well absorb excess moisture, dirt and dust. Original drawings are able to complement and harmoniously decorate the interior. A feature of the carpet is its versatility. It is suitable for placement in any room - not only at the entrance to the apartment.
  2. Moisture-absorbing coatings. They have a fleecy part and a rubberized base. Pile helps to remove dirt residues from the shoe, keeps the inside of the rubber layer, preventing subsidence on the floor. An additional advantage is the anti-slip surface.
  3. Rubber option. It features a non-slip surface and careful removal of dirt from the sole of the shoes.
  4. Floor mats. The best option. They not only eliminate excess dirt from the sole of the shoe, but also contribute to its quick drying. A similar track can be of any size and decor.
  5. Products with sides. Ideal when the weather is rainy. The raised sides prevent the spread of moisture. Production material can be both rubber and fleecy.

REFERENCE!A special type of coating is also being implemented - dielectric carpets. For use in the home, they are rarely selected, the main use they have received in production shops.

Corridor Carpet Selection Criteria

When purchasing a carpet in the corridor, several parameters must be taken into account at once.

Functional characteristics

The carpet, located in the corridor, performs not only a decorative function. The main purpose is to remove dirt and moisture from the shoes when entering the house. It should not only eliminate excess pollution, but also prevent their penetration deep into the house. The most popular are carpets with pile on a rubberized basis. The villi will remove the dirt that has clogged into the topography of the sole and absorb excess moisture, and the rubber will prevent its spread.

In addition, attention should be paid to additional qualities, such as heat. The use of cold flooring (tile or stone) is unpleasant. The carpet becomes an additional source of heat. It creates a feeling of comfort and does not cause discomfort.

IMPORTANT!Particular attention should be paid to resistance to pollution. The carpet should not only reliably clean shoes from dirt, but also have convenient parameters for cleaning or washing.

Color and design

When considering decorative qualities, it is recommended to focus on the overall design of the room. It is preferable to choose rugs of dark shades. They harmoniously complement the interior, and pollution is almost invisible on their surface.

Products of a light palette quickly lose their attractiveness due to frequent washes. The pile becomes rolled up and begins to shine. This greatly affects the appearance of the carpet. If a light palette material is needed to maintain the overall interior, it is recommended to stay in deeper tones. Here coffee, terracotta, lilac, gray gamut is suitable.

The need for an ornament or pattern depends on the interior. For example, with a minimalism style, products without a pattern should be selected. Provence is distinguished by the use of a large number of colors and additional decor. If the interior is designed in this style, then a mat with a picture in the form of bouquets and plants will be a competent addition. The classic interior is complemented by a woven rug or item with interwoven gold and silver threads.

The carpet, located in the corridor, performs several functions at once. It not only protects the house from pollution, but also complements the design of the room. A few rules will help you choose the right product and protect your home from excess dirt.

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