Repair the TV power supply

TV, even with the development of technology, occupies a large place in human life. Modern large-format models allow you to feel at the cinema without leaving your own walls and a soft sofa. That TV is still the main source of news about what is happening in the world and the country. Therefore, any breakdown spoils the mood of its owner. A power supply failure is a small problem, but the most common of all possible. A logical question arises, where to find the master and whether to bring the equipment to the service. It is easy to solve it if a breakdown occurs and was noticed during the day, but finding a specialist at night is several times more difficult. You can try to fix the problem yourself, because a similar option is possible in some cases.

How is a PSU malfunction?

Modern televisions are compact in assembly, so repairing is much easier. Usually it’s immediately clear what has failed during a visual inspection. But there are malfunctions that are determined only with the help of diagnostic equipment. You should not try to fix the motherboard yourself without the appropriate knowledge, this will only aggravate the breakdown. But to deal with the power supply and the backlight is quite possible on its own.

The power supply can be external or integrated - and the first is typical for TV with a small diagonal.

Characteristic features:

  1. It does not turn on.
  2. It turns on, but the image is constantly interfering, the sound is very phonetic.
  3. The sound is present without a picture.
  4. Normal operating mode is activated after several attempts to turn it on and off.

These are common problems with the power supply. But, to be sure of this, you should make sure that the remote control and control panel are working on the TV itself. In addition, check the connection of the antenna with the receiver, pay attention to the weather - interference may occur due to external reasons. Go to the PSU after the exclusion of external problems.

The main causes of malfunctions

Damage to the power supply is a common reason, and therefore you can repair it yourself in some cases. All possible solutions have already been given. But before that you need to know the reasons for the failure:

  1. Unstable voltage. Depreciation of the component occurs due to constant power surges.
  2. Short circuit - PSU burns out. The wires will probably be melted.
  3. The mains fuse has blown, causing a subsequent problem with the power supply. It is determined by an extinct indicator.
  4. Capacitor wear due to frequent use.

Knowing these key factors will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of service. A number of problems can easily be solved independently; others will require specialist intervention.

Parsing and troubleshooting

The power supply is often integrated into the design of the TV. It is necessary to remove the back cover fastened to the screws. The next step depends on the specific TV model. If the unit is not immediately visible, then the part is hidden behind the protective cover - you just need to unscrew more screws.

What does BP and its components look like?

The appearance of the power supply located on the common board is easy to distinguish from the rest. It is painted gray, looks like a square box, and is usually located on the edge of the power board. Capacitors and other components - have a different shape. But you can easily confuse with transformers - they are also rectangular in shape, but painted in yellow.

BP components:

  1. Standby power supply (standby indicator is on, 5V voltage is consumed). In other words, if it is broken, the indicator on the TV panel will not light.
  2. Inverter - turn off the receiver immediately after turning it on. He is responsible for the power, therefore, in the event of a breakdown, he returns to standby mode.
  3. Capacitors - the problem is determined by bloating.

It is possible to exclude breakdown data using power factor correction. Typically, this diagnosis is carried out in the service, but in general, you can try to make it at home. In addition, such malfunctions are easily subordinated - you need to purchase the necessary part and replace it with a blowtorch.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to bring along a photo of the power board in order to make the right purchase. Despite the fact that the blocks are almost identical, you need not make a mistake with the characteristics of new parts.

Repair of power supplies for LCD TVs

The design and operation of LCD TVs and conventional receivers is the same. Of course, there are distinctive features, but it does not affect the diagnosis of malfunctions. Problems with the power supply cause a complete equipment failure - the TV simply does not turn on or turns off involuntarily after a short operation.

Thus, the repair process for all power supplies (regardless of the receiver model) will be the same:

  1. Remove the back cover as well as the protective cover if present.
  2. The power board is located on the left, and the motherboard is on the right side.
  3. First, check the transformers (there are 3 in total, they are painted yellow).
  4. Next, they remove the board to remove the broken parts.

IMPORTANT. Be sure to discharge the capacitors before removing and replacing them.

  1. Replace with new ones, observing polarity during installation.
  2. Replace the board and check the performance of the TV.

The same sequence is observed when replacing other parts on the power supply.

CRT TV - BP repair

Repair of the power board of old TVs (Ruby, Horizon, outdated LG models, etc.) is carried out similarly. First you need to check the PSU for operability, if the receiver does not turn on. It is enough to check with a conventional light bulb with a power of 60W. If the voltage fluctuates up to 150V, then the filter capacitor CP is out of order. Undervoltage is required to prevent leaks and short circuits. After checking all the remaining parts - mainly diodes. After reassemble.

IMPORTANT. Be sure to turn off the output stage before diagnostics - a bulb is connected in its place.

It is quite possible that you can’t fix the kinescope TV - it’s difficult to find parts on them. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown, it is better to simply abandon the old receiver, replacing it with a new device.

With such simple manipulations, you can independently determine the cause of the malfunction of the power supply of the TV receiver. Specialists do not recommend dealing with the problem on their own, repairs will not take much time and the cost will be low.

Watch the video: LCD TV power supply repair - Learn from my mistakes (December 2019).


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