Rustic bedroom

Loved by many country interior designers, the style is very different from the usual elaborate images of bedrooms with luxurious textiles, furniture and other elements. The rustic style embodies simplicity, harmony with nature and romanticism with all its appearance. Such a room will fit perfectly into the atmosphere of rest and relaxation. The main thing is to choose the right furniture and competently coordinate it with color schemes.

The main features of country interior

Today, this style of decoration is very popular, options can be seen in the photo. However, each country has its own characteristics, which are even identified in separate branches of the style: French, Russian, Scandinavian, English and others. Depending on the chosen direction, the shades of the bedroom and the rules for the arrangement of furniture, as well as its appearance, will differ.

However, there are general characteristics that distinguish this style from others:

  • use in decoration exclusively natural materials (wood, stone and others);
  • a wide palette of natural shades;
  • wide range of finishes;
  • an abundance of textiles and things in the style of hand-made.

IMPORTANT. You need to use all those small details and natural finishes harmoniously, without overloading the interior, so that you get a cozy place for real relaxation and a long rest from everyday worries.

DIY rustic bedroom

You do not need to be a famous interior designer to create the perfect space for relaxation in your own home. A bedroom in a rustic style can be created independently from improvised materials. The main thing is to put your soul into the project and make the most comfortable place where you want to return daily.

Determined with textiles

Textiles are an important component of a country style interior. It gives the room sophistication and a special touch. They should not conflict with the shades of the walls, ceiling and floor, but only focus on various surfaces. Pillows and bedspreads on the bed, a plaid on the armchair, curtains and other decorative elements, they should be concise and simple, without unnecessary pretentiousness.

Most often, the following textile products are used:

  • checkered patterns (a plaid in a red and white checkered or bedspread for a bed will be an excellent option for arranging the necessary accents);
  • patchwork (a great idea for a country bedroom);
  • embroidery (bedding with embroidered elements organically fits into the room);
  • burlap curtains (paintings are similarly finished);
  • woven curtains (look unusual and very beautiful);
  • curtains with lace (add romance to the style of the interior, making it exquisite).

If the landlady likes to do needlework, the rustic style in the decoration of the bedroom will be a real find. Here, a woman will be able to apply all her talents, lovingly shaping a future vacation spot and investing in the interior a piece of her own warmth and love.

IMPORTANT. For real comfort in the bedroom, do not clutter up the interior with unnecessary decor elements. In everything you need to comply with the measure.

What should be the floors and walls?

Many designers categorically refuse to use modern synthetic materials in the decoration of a country-style room. The very idea of ​​a rustic style is the naturalness and naturalness of everything that is used to decorate the bedroom. Therefore, most designers prefer solid wood and boards, although these types of materials cost several times more synthetic analogues.

For wall decoration in the room, a lining or special plastic panels with imitation of wooden boards are well suited. Butt fastening allows you to achieve the most natural look of wall panels.The color scheme is also chosen natural, it is allowed to use pale blue shades and various white options. It should be remembered that the walls should effectively emphasize, become a favorable background for accessories and furniture. Attention should not be concentrated on them.It is better to finish the floor with a laminate stylized as natural boards. Such flooring will last a long time and will retain its original appearance for many years. If a decision is made to finish the floor with natural wooden boards, designers are advised not to paint them.

Choosing furniture and accessories

As furniture, you can take old furnishings or artificially age selected products in the store. They should be simple and concise, without complex and elaborate lines and decorative ornaments.

For a comfortable arrangement of the bedroom, a good bed, a pair of bedside tables and a neat wardrobe will be enough. The main thing is that these pieces of furniture do not take up too much space in a small room.

The main emphasis around which the entire stylistic composition is built is the bed. It must be carefully chosen, as this place will always be in sight. The bed can be decorated with plaids, quilts, embroidered bedspreads and decorated pillows.

As decorative elements use:

  • framed photographs;
  • wicker baskets;
  • unusual lamps in a rural style;
  • antique caskets;
  • potted plants;
  • Cuckoo wall clock.

IMPORTANT. Feel free to use things that were made with your own hands. Such jewelry stores a piece of the soul and love of the master, the atmosphere will become even more comfortable and colorful.

European rustic style in the interior

The chalet style is the name for the European idea of ​​a bedroom in a rustic interior. This is a cozy room with a fireplace, decorated with natural materials. Most often, the use of wooden panels and stones is observed.

  1. The floor is laid with tiles or parquet with the effect of artificial aging. Such a flooring looks very colorful and unusual. The shades of the designers are trying to choose bright, so that the room looks fresh and cozy.
  2. As a rule, in the chalet bedroom there is a large window. Curtains and curtains are usually not hung, and if such an element of decor is provided, then they are not closed, leaving the view of the street open.
  3. Ornaments using silhouettes of alpine mountain animals, floral motifs and various ornaments are used as decorative elements and adornments. This pattern looks very original and adds coziness to the bedroom.

Having chosen a country bedroom as a style, the owners will definitely get a very cozy and comfortable place to relax. The room will become a real island for relaxation after everyday activities and worries.

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