The color of the walls in the kitchen with a brown set

A rich palette of wood, chocolate, coffee, walnut has always been welcomed in classic kitchens.The set in beige and brown tones is still relevant. He does not give up his position to hi-tech style and bright colorful solutions: in fashionable interiors there is both exquisite wenge and other shades, including milk chocolate. Choosing the right color scheme for a kitchen with a brown set (in any style, be it Provence, classic, modern) means to create a cozy, comfortable environment near the hearth. Designers offer original visual combinations that give it a modern and at the same time based on the best traditions look.

Brown in the kitchen - features

An excellent rule is to combine those colors that are in harmony with each other in nature. The color of the tree is combined with green, orange, gold paints. White is an excellent background for him, the contrast with him is especially expressive.

Facing the kitchen facades is of great importance: the range of brown is very large. Choosing the right accessories is an exciting task. But first of all, you need to decide on the color of the walls: they should ideally combine with the headset.

Choosing the right combination

The most rational solution is to make the walls much brighter than the furniture itself. This is due to the fact that the dark shades of brown visually narrow the space and can "weight" the interior. The light gamut, on the contrary, gives a feeling of greater volume, lightness, airiness. How to choose the color of the walls in the kitchen with a brown set?

Beige Combination

All shades of beige (from milky to light brown) look perfect with shelves and cabinets in natural wood tones. Which of the nuances will be used on the walls of a particular kitchen depends on the decoration of the furniture. In many cases, it’s suitable:

  • ivory;
  • Champagne
  • pearl;
  • baked milk;
  • Ivory.

You must use ocher very carefully: the combination of this color with most varieties of brown looks unsuccessful.

Apron, trimmed with tiles, stone, film, can harmoniously combine the colors of the facade and walls, and can contrast with them.

Tandem with white

White is a great background. The contrast with it is especially expressive. On the walls in its pure form, white is quite rare. If they are completely white, additional white accents create a very interesting graphics in combination with a dark set: dishes, tablecloths, kitchen appliances.It is especially important that white expands the space, adds light.

Gold or orange?

Some variations of yellow on the walls in a compartment with dark brown facades look great. Orange gives the kitchen a vibrant, intense mood. The proportions and size of the room are very important here. In a small one, it will seem annoying.

Delicate shades of pink or blue should be selected carefully: not always brown is consistent with this color of the walls. Undoubtedly, they are pleasant for kitchen textiles, curtains. However, designers say: these colors are in harmony with brown, like cream gamma.

The combination of gold and wood motifs is ideal in accessories and accessories. This is also due to the fact that the dominant color of the facade is very restrained, it requires bright additions and accents.

Choose green color

Green is friends with brown. In this combination, too, resort to contrast. A light headset will not look on a faded background, and for a dark one, deep green will not work.

Juiciness and ease of combination with green are attractive in the interior of the kitchen. Natural “tasty” shades are very good:

  • an Apple;
  • olives;
  • mint;
  • pistachios;
  • salad.

Some projects provide one of them for one of the functional areas of the kitchen.

How to emphasize?

Depending on what color is planned, as dominant, the main colors and additional accents are selected. They will affect the choice of material and the formation of space.

Do all the walls in one color or choose an alternative solution? Important rules to remember:

  • 3 shades are used in an interior that is close in tone.
  • 5-6 colors create a gamut for a multi-color room.

If one of the walls is “brick-like” or contrasting, this is usually associated with the layout, the allocation of a working or dining area, and sometimes creating an accent for some expressive architectural detail of the room. For low rooms, it is recommended to make vertical stripes of different colors.

Often the “apron” stands out compositionally: the combinations in it should be in harmony with the walls and furniture. All decisions on the choice of color are subject to one project, they make up the big picture with other interior details. Such a kitchen creates a positive mood for work and leisure.

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