Which hairdryer with diffuser to choose

The diffuser is a simple and convenient device that allows you to quickly create styling. But not all women use them because they do not know how to choose it correctly.

Varieties of diffusers and their purpose

Diffuser - nozzle with a round working surface and teeth ("fingers"). At the base of the teeth there are openings that allow air to pass through. Due to this design, the nozzle does not overheat the hair and has a massage effect on the scalp.

Hair dryer manufacturers present nozzles in different variations. They differ:

  • in diameter. Wide allow to dry hair in a short time;
  • on the basis of teeth. Can be made of plastic or silicone;
  • along the length of the "fingers". They can be long, medium, short;
  • by the frequency of the teeth. Are located close or far from each other;
  • by the thickness of the "fingers", as well as their shape. There are thorns thin or thick, curly, flat, cylindrical.

This or that type should be chosen, being guided by type, density, length of hair.

Help: usually in hairdryers a diffuser nozzle is already provided in the kit, but also it can be purchased separately.

Which diffuser to choose depending on the length of the hair

Hair length is the first factor affecting choice. Take the following tips into consideration.

  • Women with short strands or medium lengths are better to choose with short, thin "fingers", with a frequent arrangement. The teeth may be plastic or silicone.
  • For long hair, the nozzle should be wide with long, rare, exceptionally plastic “fingers”. Silicone will not work, as they get tangled in strands and ruin the hair.

Important: if in doubt what to choose, consult with the seller. After all, having bought a diffuser for thick and long curls, you will not be able to do a hairstyle on short and thin strands.

Choosing a diffuser for different types of hair

The next factor is the type of hair. In order not to spoil the luxurious hair, or not to harm already weakened hair, take the following tips into consideration.

  • For thick hair, a wide disc with rare thick teeth is perfect. It will quickly dry the mop and ensure its safety.
  • For thin, brittle strands, the best option is short “fingers”. Long ones of this type are contraindicated, as they threaten hair loss.
  • A nozzle with flat spikes should be chosen for women with thin and thick strands in need of volume.
  • If you want to curl your hair, give preference to curly spikes. They are created specifically to create curls.
  • Cylindrical teeth are universal. Suitable equally for curling and straightening.

Attention: now vibrating "fingers" are popular. They save the owner from having to rotate the hair dryer with her hands. Such a nozzle creates a magnificent volume at the roots.

General recommendations for choosing a hairdryer with a diffuser

When planning to buy a hairdryer, consider all the characteristics:

  • Power - not less than 1800 watts. The smaller one will dry the strands for a long time, the higher one consumes a lot of electricity.
  • Modes - at least two. The first for drying and styling, the second in cold mode.
  • An opportunity to regulate air supply intensity - optimum 3-4 speeds.
  • Body. It must be rubberized and roughened so that the hairdryer does not slip out of the hands.
  • Nozzles. In addition to the diffuser, the hub does not interfere. Expensive models can be equipped with a centrifuge, a curling iron, brushing and other types of nozzles.

Take a responsible approach to choosing a hair dryer with a diffuser, and your hair will remain in good condition, and you can do any styling.

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