How to quickly dry a sofa from water

The sofa is the main subject in the living room. It is on it that the owner spends a significant part of his free time: he rests after a hard working day, enjoys watching his favorite movie or receives guests. In this case, a wet stain from spilled drinks may appear on the sofa cover.

How to get rid of a wet spot on the couch

Each owner of furniture faced a similar situation. If fluid appears on the couch, do not hesitate.. Quick action will help to avoid deep moisture absorption. This means that no stains or traces will remain on the surface. In addition, spilled drinks will leave not only a mark, but also become a source of unpleasant odor.

The method of drying and stain removal is recommended to be selected depending on the drink that is poured on the surface of the furniture.

For example, cold water is suitable for cleansing the blood, sometimes with an aspirin solution, and for tea or coffee, a soap solution.

How to remove water

Plain water is the most popular liquid that is poured onto the surface of furniture. Dealing with a puddle is easy. To absorb excess moisture, paper towels are suitable. The material is recommended to be folded in several layers, otherwise the soaked paper will quickly creep along the upholstery of the sofa.

In the process of collecting water, it is necessary to change the napkins. We perform this procedure until all moisture is collected from the surface of the sofa.

Thus, the seat is cleaned of excess water. It is only recommended to dry it.

reference. Instead of paper napkins, a thick terry towel or special balls absorbing liquid (silica gel) are also suitable.

How to speed up the drying

Drinking water will not leave dirty marks on the upholstery, but will contribute to a damp surface. You can leave the sofa to dry on your own, however, it will take a long time. There are several ways to speed up drying.

Available methods:

  • hair dryer;
  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • iron.

To dry the upholstery with a hairdryer, you should direct a hot stream of air to damp tracks. It is not recommended to press the device close to furniture. The optimal distance will be about 30 centimeters.

Iron drying is also useful. Here it will be sufficient to walk several times on the residual spot with the hot platform. After a few minutes, the traces will dry.

Important! When using an iron, gauze should be used as a protection for furniture upholstery.

Useful Tips

A few additional recommendations will help in removing fluid and stains from the surface of the sofa.

  • To provide the piece of furniture with extra protection, you should use covers. Most modern manufacturers put such products in a set with a sofa and armchairs. If there are none, you can purchase at any furniture store.
  • When buying professional care products, special attention must be paid to the composition. The presence of strong chemicals can cause a pungent odor and trigger an allergic attack..
  • If the cause of the stain is a liquid spilled from a watercolor cup, you can remove it using table salt. A tablespoon is dissolved in a liter of water, the resulting mixture is applied to the stain. Leave for an hour, then rinse.
  • Lemon juice will help to remove the pungent odor.sprayed from a spray gun directly onto the skin. Residues must be removed with cold water.

A sofa is a necessary piece of furniture in any home. It helps to spend your free time with comfort. The situation when any liquid accidentally spills on the furniture will be a real chagrin for every owner. A few simple steps and following the necessary recommendations will help you to easily get rid of stains and return your favorite furniture to an attractive appearance.

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