Standard sofa height from the floor

To make the sofa comfortable, its dimensions must be determined by medical standards and anthropometric values. Too high or low furniture can not only spoil the aesthetic impression with the wrong proportions, but also lead to discomfort and even back diseases. The standards by which all furniture products are created are designed to protect against such troubles.

What is the standard height of the sofa from the floor

According to accepted standards, the sofa seat should be located at a distance of 42 cm from the floor. It is permissible to change this value within 35-48 cm.

Important! Materials can affect the height of the seat: if the upholstered part of the furniture is stuffed with synthech or other air filler, the height can reach 50-55 cm - when sitting down, a person will push the filling weight and the landing site will drop to the prescribed 40-45 cm.

When choosing, you can take into account the characteristics of health and age: older people with sore joints and back are more comfortable with a tall and hard sofa: it is easier to sit on and easier to get up on. It is better for children to choose a product with a low seat to climb on it without the help of adults.

A large role is not only the seat, but also the back. Its standard size is 90 cm. Variations are allowed within 20 cm up and down, they depend on the design of the sofa, the number of seats and the characteristics of the room. The back should not overlap the window sills - it should go flush with them or be lower.

For reference! Furniture with high backs and soft headrests helps to relax muscles and take the most comfortable pose, however, such products are suitable only for spacious rooms, in small rooms they clutter up the space, "eating" it. On the contrary, in large rooms, small sofas dissolve, get lost, which can create visual chaos of objects scattered here and there or bring a sense of insecurity.

To make the product as comfortable as possible, other parameters should be considered:

  • the depth of the seat for simple sofas is at least 50 cm;
  • the depth of the sofa beds is at least 70 cm;
  • the height of the armrests from the seat is 12-35 cm;
  • length depends on the type of sofa and can reach up to 3 m.

The length may vary depending on the design features of the product. So, if the sofa does not fold out, but is characterized as suitable for sleeping, then the seat should be at least 1860 mm. If a folding mechanism is provided, the length of the sofa when assembled can be less than 700 mm, and the size of the berth should also be from 1860 mm.

How to measure the standard height of the sofa from the floor

To determine the exact dimensions of the product you like, the measurement must be carried out directly from the floor. The beginning of the ruler or tape measure must be pressed to the floor surface next to the furniture, holding the measuring tool strictly perpendicularly. Measure to the top edge of the seat, if the place of landing is measured, or to the top edge of the back, if you need to determine the total height. If the backrest includes pillows, then measurements need to be taken to the top.

Important! However, the armrests are measured already from the top of the seat, from the middle of its depth - where it is most pressed through.

Top standard floor height sofas

Although the gold standard is a seat height of 42 cm and a backrest of 90 cm, furniture with these parameters will not necessarily be the best. When choosing a product you need to consider:

  • room size;
  • the number of people who will sit simultaneously;
  • purpose of use.

Depending on these criteria, sofas are:

  • direct double or triple;
  • angular three- and four-seater;
  • couch;
  • modular;
  • folding.

Direct double products are on average 2-2.5 m long with standard depth and height. Average triple options vary in length within 2.5-3 m. The choice here depends on the parameters of the room.

Corner sofas are often larger, the highest back, as a rule, is precisely at them - up to 110 cm. They are well suited for spacious rooms where all households and guests gather. Their width reaches 100 cm, the longest side is up to 3.5 meters.

Often, corner products are made modular - they consist of separate parts that are connected to each other. Modules come in different sizes, among them there can be either folding or non-folding. This option is ideal for people who are accustomed to changing the situation - rearranging the components in places, connecting or pushing them apart, you can completely change the interior. The main thing is to ensure that the backs do not block the windows.

If you need a sofa on which only one person will sleep, a couch can be an ideal option. It moves apart only along, so it does not need much space in front of it. Its length can be from 130 to 210 cm.

Of particular difficulty when choosing can present a sofa-transformer. Some models are laid out like an English or French folding bed, the berth in them has two or three additions, and in order to accommodate it, the back is made high, about a meter. If you need a low back, you can choose the option of the roll-out type (dolphin, accordion, etc.), their seat is formed by pillows, which are removed when unfolded. When choosing a folding model, you need to take into account the height of the berth, it can be low - 20-40 cm, standard - 35-45 cm and high - more than 45 cm.

However, a sofa that is matched to the height of a person will be truly ideal. For children, lengths of 1300 mm can be enough, for a person with an average height of 1860 mm, for tall people - 1900-2000 mm and more. In this case, a standard depth of 700-800 mm must be observed. The most important thing to focus on is your own feelings, because the main goal of any sofa is comfort.

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