DIY loft rack

What is the loft style and what is the secret of its attractiveness for modern designers and customers? Consider the option of creating a do-it-yourself shelving rack in an industrial style.

Features LOFT style

Loft is a kind of minimalist style in the interior that appeared in the USA in the 1940s in industrial studios and apartments in New York. At that time, many owners were forced to abandon their urban real estate due to a sharp increase in taxes and land prices. Bohemian artists, musicians, actors settled in industrial workshops and spacious halls of abandoned factories. For them, it was a cheap option for living, and they secured the furniture and decoration themselves from improvised means.

Loft is the space of a former workshop, factory or factory floor, converted into an apartment or creative studio. The style has taken root and gained great popularity thanks to a fresh look at the familiar atmosphere, the ability to use irrelevant and unnecessary materials, often free. Today, in the spirit of a loft, elite mansions and offices, apartments in skyscrapers and cottages are decorated.

The loft gives any home a cosiness and a certain mood of expediency, practicality and elegant simplicity. Iron and wood are used for decoration, rough painting, brick walls are varnished and not masked, and factory windows and walls remain in the same format, acquiring interesting and cozy accessories in the form of home plants and bookshelves.

REFERENCE! It is noteworthy that most of the furnishings can be done independently, having minimal skills in carpentry.

What you need to build furniture in the loft style

Do you want to furnish your home with loft furniture? You can start with a simple option - for example, to assemble a practical and reliable rack with your own hands. The main materials are wood and material in different proportions. Sometimes the interior uses a concrete element or roughly hewn stones. Plastic and any artificial materials that negate the whole spirit of a loft are contraindicated.

There are a lot of options for such racks. Also, a novice master is suitable for a whatnot, a simple table - a dining room or a coffee, compact ottoman. Chairs, lamps, bedside tables or other accessories are usually made using welding and forging, but it all depends on the tastes of the homeowner.

What materials to use? Most often, the necessary boards and other details can be found in a landfill after major repairs in the neighbor’s house. Cheapness, practicality, deliberate rudeness, rough surface - all this turns into magnificent exclusive designer things, which can often be seen in expensive stores under the brand name of famous designers.

ATTENTION! It is important to remember that the loft style will be successfully combined only if individual pieces of furniture are combined with the general style of the house.

The assembly sequence of the "skeleton"

Shelving - the most ambitious piece of furniture in the house, overall and containing a large amount of property. To create this design, a metal “skeleton” is first created, which is then sheathed with wood.

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the type of rack that you need:

  • Corupus;
  • Built-in;
  • Semi-built in;
  • Diagonal;
  • Trapezoidal etc.

As a frame, you can use the old staircase - it is suitable for a high rack. The surface is sanded, additional floors and levels are crammed. An important detail of the cabinet is the presence of a pallet.

A cabinet with a metal frame is an excellent blank for an open bookcase, on which shelves are mounted and attached. If you prefer a closed type of furniture, a metal base allows you to variably place mezzanines and interior sections. It looks interesting asymmetrically located shelves of different sizes, enclosed inside a simple rectangular frame.

Final stage

The rack can be recycled from a used one - it is finished with new buttons and rivets, metal elements, and decorative nails. As soon as ready, the cabinet can be covered with cloth and painted. A good idea is a closet with a passage, like in a combat submarine or ship. Sometimes just a few details are enough to change the face of an old thing.

After the completion of the carpentry work, the rack can be covered with a special transparent carpentry varnish, which will protect the tree from dust and damage to insects. Also, the varnish will preserve the original "roughness" of the tree and emphasize the natural pattern of natural lines.


A few useful tips will help you not to stray in the formation of a new style in the house:

  • To make the rack look original and interesting, you can use two different types of wood. In contrasting colors and textures, the product will only win and attract attention.
  • Do not use decorative excesses - flowers, waves, any decorations. Conciseness is the strength of the loft. It is industrial and harsh, so romantic, delicate details are inappropriate here.
  • The presence of a mirror gives practicality to the cabinet, the design in the form of fragments will look especially original.
  • Decor in the loft is acceptable in some places, but it must be designed in the spirit of an industrial style. Doors can be made in the form of shutters, chest handles - in the style of steampunk, which goes well with the loft, but should not stand out much.

We hope that these tips on introducing the loft style in your home will be useful and you can create and emphasize the beauty of the industrial premises, which has become a cozy home for new owners.

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