How to heat the boiler with coal

Boilers are the best option for heating in private homes. But unfortunately, those who first install such plants experience some difficulties during operation. For example, not all users are aware of the rules of the furnace using coal.

How to heat the boiler with coal? This problem is the most common today, and therefore we decided to pay special attention to it in the material below.

The principle of operation of a coal boiler

How to heat a solid fuel boiler with coal? The coal boiler is an extremely simple installation, divided into two compartments. The first is a firebox, where they put the fuel. At the time of its burning, ash and slag are released that fall into the lower compartment.

It will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The two chambers are separated by a standard grid made of cast iron.

How to heat the boiler with coal in the house? Modern models are often equipped with automation, through which the consumer can activate the autonomous operation of the furnace or control traction. Well, in older models, such delights are absent, and the furnaces will function through normal circulation.

Which coal can be used

Coal is a plant product. It includes carbon and non-combustible impurities. Of these, ash and slag are formed during combustion.

Today, several types of coal can be distinguished. The youngest is lingitis. Its structure is quite loose, and you can break a piece with a light effort of the hand. Presented coal is usually used in thermal power plants. But for the kindling of residential buildings, this option, alas, will not work.

In addition to lingitis, there is also brown coal, as well as an option such as anthracite. They vary in humidity. In brown, she stopped at around 50%, and in anthracite, this figure does not exceed 7%.

And that is why anthracite will be the best option for the heating of a domestic boiler. In the combustion process, a little ash is released, which on the positive side affects the efficiency of the heater.

Features of the use of the furnace

How to heat the boiler with coal? Before kindling, it is necessary to check the operability of the device without fail. During the inspection, it is necessary to inspect it for cracks, metal breaks, and also check the internal state of the device. After completing this procedure, you can proceed to the main part.

Important! Before lighting the boiler, it will be necessary to remove any ash remaining after previous use.

Rules for kindling coal and ash removal

  1. We place a newspaper on the grate. It is recommended to crumple it a little.
  2. On top of the paper we put a few small slivers in the shape of a hut.
  3. We burn the paper evenly.
  4. We close the upper compartment and open the blower door.
  5. After burning, an ash crust should form, on top of which it will be necessary to place fine coal with a layer of up to 15 cm.
  6. As soon as fine coal burns out, you can add large pieces, laying them with a pillow, a height of not more than 60 cm.
  7. Now you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in the room, regularly throwing up fuel.

Attention! When opening the firebox to load fuel, first close the blower flap.

During combustion, the lower compartment will be filled with ash and slag, which will require regular cleaning of the compartment. This procedure is extremely simple, and after each use of the coal boiler, you only need to open the ash pan, and clean it from the contents with a special spatula. At the same time, it is recommended to clean the equipment after it has completely cooled down.

And if cleaning is required during the operation of the boiler, it is recommended to wear long-sleeved clothes and gloves to prevent burns.

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