How to choose a hob electric panel

In order to answer the question “how to choose an electric built-in hob” and make a purchase really successful, it’s worth considering several options, determining the price, learning about the features of a particular model, manufacturer, and assembly place.

How to choose an electric hob? The product can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen. And it is not necessary to put it next to or above the oven.

Therefore, it is worth deciding on the place where it will have to stand, and then choose the modification and type of control regulation. Which hob is better: gas or electric? Electrical options are safer than gas ones:

  • Most often, models are controlled by a sensor;
  • Their main convenience is that they have high power (you can boil a large pot of water on them in a matter of minutes);
  • In addition, the electrical option allows you to install the panel anywhere in the kitchen where there is a power outlet.

The best manufacturers of electric hob

Induction or electric hob: which one to choose? From manufacturers it is worth highlighting products of brands Electrolux, Bosch, Zanussi. Which electric hobs are better? Electrolux is one of the reliable manufacturers.

A feature of the models of this company is a variety of modifications that vary in price, size, additional features.

How to choose an electric hob? There are models that tend to turn off as soon as a pan or pan is removed from the surface. Despite the fact that the company is Swedish, the assembly is usually carried out either in Poland or Hungary. Product quality is usually very good. The price category of the product is average. Choosing an electric hob can be made in favor of Bosch:

  • The unique quality of the material, which is so easy to care for and resistant to scratches and damage, is perfect for the interior of expensive kitchens;
  • The product is thought out not only by design, but also by the convenience of control using a sensor;
  • It is more expensive than most brands, but has undeniable advantages in quality, simplicity and convenience.

How to choose an electric hob? Experts give advice such: Zanussi offers a variety of cooking products that are suitable for people who value European quality, but are not ready to pay too much money. A variety of colors, models, sizes, will help make a good choice for a kitchen of any layout.

Expert advice on choosing electrical panels

How to choose the electric hob? Before buying, it is necessary to clarify what type of stove: induction or halogen. If the first option, then it is most successful.

This is non-contact heating, which is carried out due to the built-in induction coil: it creates a magnetic field. On such a stove, nothing will ever burn out, and only the food inside the pot or pan is heated. The efficiency of such a product is higher than that of a standard electric stove.

Experts recommend paying attention to induction electric models of stoves, if you have to cook a lot and dishes require slow languishing, such as stew or risotto. Where it is very important that evenly heat is supplied to the bottom of the pan.

The electric model, but with a halogen filling, also implies instant heating, but it quickly fails, due to the breakdown of the tube with halogen gas. Moreover, this heating principle is not suitable if the hostess often cooks on the stove. The product does not have such a high degree of reliability as an induction cooker.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of gas surfaces include their power. Such surfaces work great when you need to cook several dishes for lunch and do not need to worry about the type of dishes that are suitable for cooking.

They have special cast-iron grates that protect the dishes from burning. Often in gas models there is one particularly powerful burner, which is also necessary when cooking. It is convenient to care for such a surface, it does not require any special delicate means and can be cleaned well, due to the cast iron grate, which protects the dishes from a direct flame.

Electric or induction hob, what to choose? Electrical options are good because they allow you to cook in the most favorable conditions, without gas evolution. It is such a surface that is considered the most ecological. It is recommended to install it with a tendency to allergies, air pollution.

The induction variety of surfaces is ideal for those housewives who like to cook quickly and make sure that no gas is released during cooking. In addition, this type of surface allows you to easily boil large volumes of liquid.

IMPORTANT: Induction cooker requires cookware with a magnetized bottom; conventional pan models will not fit.

Features of the choice of ceramic hob

How to choose an electric hob? If her surface is made in the form of glass ceramics, this is a great convenience when cleaning. After all, a soft microfiber cloth and a special spray are enough to eliminate grease and dirt.

If you are wondering “how to choose a hob electro-ceramic panel”, you should know that the ceramic surface looks the most advantageous in terms of design, since it does not have convex burners. By the type of heating, such plates can be halogen, spiral, tape. The price of products can also vary from low to high. This is due to the manufacturer itself, quality and additional characteristics that the surface has.

How to choose an induction built-in panel

How to choose an electric built-in induction hob? You need to focus on your preferences. Any induction surface cooks much faster than glass-ceramic. Its heating does not allow heating of the entire surface, but only to warm the bottom of the dishes. Glass ceramics first heats the entire surface, and only then goes on to the dishes.

IMPORTANT: Induction surfaces have a function of automatic shutdown at the end of cooking, while glass-ceramic products have to be constantly monitored so that nothing burns out and does not cook for too long.

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