Is it possible to return the electric shaver

At home, you found that the purchase did not meet the quality requirements or decided that you just bought the wrong thing. You can return the unshaved electric razor to the store, but it will do it. not easy. The store will not refund you if the goods have already been unpacked or used. After all, an electric razor is a means of personal hygiene and, moreover, refers to technically complex products.

In some cases, a refund occurs: if you find a scratch, crack, factory defect or other deformation. You can replace the goods if all the seals, packaging, accompanying documents, receipts, checks and coupons have been preserved. The refund of finances depends on the location of the seller and his attitude to customers.

Important! To return money for a defective electric shaver, you need to present a check to the store no later than 10 days established by law. Even if you don’t have a check, you can still exercise your right on the basis of recording from surveillance cameras, additions of witnesses.

For low-quality goods, the store is obliged to return the funds paid within 3 days after the buyer's request. Also, it does not matter if the electric shaver was used when it comes to marriage: the razor produces an unpleasant odor, noise, overheats, works slowly, does not turn on, has chips, scratches on the case, etc.

When contacting the store for replacement, return of defective products should be presented passport, warranty card, sales receipt or confirmation of people.

Reference: the product can be exchanged, money back only during the warranty period.

One of the advantages when buying a product is the reliability and rating of the store. If you bought low-quality goods in a large well-known network or online store, then you will have more chances that your request will be satisfied. Large outlets will easily change the product with a defect or return the money. If the return department does not take into account the fact of a malfunction, you can take the electric shaver yourself for examination, pay the costs and prove your case.

Despite the law on consumer protection, there are a number of reasons why you may be refused a refund for a purchase. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, try to ask the store in advance whether the planned purchase falls under the category of goods to be replaced or refunded. In other cases, the goods are returned if they did not like it, you received inaccurate or insufficient information from the manager, or the goods turned out to be defective, with defects.

Attention! Please note that there is no refund for technically sophisticated products if it has been fixed. Such goods include bulky goods, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, helicopters, tractors, motoblocks, snowmobiles, electric goods, household goods, refrigerators, televisions, computers, washing machines, dishwashers, digital equipment, cameras, etc. As an exception, the seller can make concessions by exchanging goods or returning money.

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